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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas State University

Lee and Wanda Parr

Lee and Wanda Parr

When the Parr family sold their parents' farm in Delia, Kansas, Jane and KelLee Parr wanted to make a gift that honored their parents' legacy.

When reflecting on their parents' love for Kansas State University and strong belief in education, the answer was apparent.

They used proceeds of the sale to create the Lee and Wanda Parr Memorial Scholarship, helping K-State students complete a degree in any discipline. By adding further support through  bequests in their wills, the siblings will ensure that the scholarship continues beyond their lifetimes.

"I really hope we can help other students who don't have the resources we had when we were in school," KelLee Parr said. "My folks were not wealthy, but Dad made sure we had what we needed, and he was adamant that we go to school."

A focus on education
Jane Parr recalled how strongly her mother and father emphasized education for herself and her sister, as well as her brother.

"They always stated, ‘when you go to college' — never, ‘if you go to college,'" she said.

"Dad thought it was even more important for his daughters to get an education. If they ever became sole support for their family, the financial opportunities would be greater with a degree. He urged all his friends to support their daughters as well as their sons to get a college education."

All three Parr children graduated from K-State, and their earliest memories include listening to K-State sports on WIBW radio in their family sunroom. Today, they enjoy reuniting with each other and old friends at K-State sporting events.

"The leadership at the university is tremendous," KelLee Parr said. "I think everybody is so proud of the growth. It's fun to be a part of that and be able to contribute."

Make a difference
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