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Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas State University

Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins, a senior in engineering, is one of several K-State students who have benefited from the ripple effects of philanthropy started by Gordon and Joyce Goering nearly three decades ago.

Like many other planned giving donors, Dallas couple Gordon and Joyce Goering plan to use their will to add funds to the scholarship they established in 1986 and help even more K-State students beyond their lifetimes.

"I was astounded when I looked at the number of students who had received funds through our program," said Gordon, a chemical engineering graduate. "It was amazing to us that it had grown so much and that the contributions had been so extensive. We are mighty proud of it."

The Goerings structured their gift plan in such a way to maximize benefits for themselves and K-State students. They could see the difference they made at K-State by diligently providing annual cash gifts for the scholarship. They sustained the scholarship long into the future by including a bequest in their will. Finally, they dramatically increased the amount of their gifts to K-State by leveraging a matching gift benefit from Gordon Goering's former employer, ConocoPhillips.

Goering scholars have been a fixture in the College of Engineering for so long that some have graduated and paid it forward by creating scholarships that benefit students like Andrew Collins, senior in IMSE. The Valley Center, Kansas, student expressed his appreciation for the legacy of philanthropy that started with the Goerings' gift almost three decades prior.

"It really just helps relieve some of the financial stress of college," Andrew said. "I have a part-time job but maybe I don't have to take extra shifts now."

It's a story the Goerings have heard time and again through many thank-you notes over the years.

"We received letters and notes from many, many students and we really appreciated it. They tell us about their aspirations and why they were interested in engineering," said Gordon. "It inspired us to continue the program."

How can you help?
To discuss gift plans that benefit you and K-State, please contact the Gift Planning team at 785-775-2000 or